it is an african black soap good for natural hair

African Black Soap Benefits For Hair Growth- it is an african black soap good for natural hair ,African Black Soap also known as “black soap” for short, is an antibacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-fungal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral It is a natural source of the vitamins A and E It also contains iron oxides and it has natural healing properties It is one of those lost hair “miracle growth” productsAFRICAN BLACK SOAP ON NATURAL HAIR – My hair my crownNov 25, 2019·Here is a list of benefits of African black soap for natural hair: Feeds Healing Nutrients to the Scalp African black soap is full of vitamins and minerals that your hair follicles can use to make thicker and longer hair Anti-aging The antioxidants help to combat aging of the hair follicles

13 Amazing Benefits of Washing Hair with African Black Soap

Sep 15, 2015·I love natural hair blogs and i want to share how i use my black soap Mix Black soap,coconut oil and honey with warm to ensure a perfect mix and use it as a regular shampoo The mixture can sit for a long period so you can make mixtures for a month 3 or even 6months

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