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FDA Interference Has Homemade Soap Makers in Lather - fda approved soap makers ,May 11, 2015·Among the big corporations supporting the increased regulations are Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Revlon, Esteee Lauder, Unilever and L’Oreal, which distribute soap under the major household brandsSoaps & Lotions | FDACleansing products, many of which are marketed as “soap,” may be cosmetics or drugs regulated by FDA, or consumer products regulated by the Consumer …

A Surprise Visit from the FDA - Soap Queen

Feb 02, 2016·If we as small soap makers, who can’t afford to hire even another person to take care of all of the paper work, etc YOU say that this FDA person said is required, (especially for a tiny home business), the soap maker won’t have time to actually make the soap!

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Do You Need FDA Approval to Sell Soap? - Soap Startup

You do not need FDA approval to sell soap As long as your soap meets the definition of true soap, and is meant only for cleansing, it is governed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (in the US) However, if your soap makes any medicinal claims or does not qualify as “true soap” – …

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Soap Business Guidance | CPSCgov

,” “ Soap: FAQs,” and also “ Soaps & Lotions ” to determine whether you are, in fact, making a soap, cosmetic, drug, or some combination of these products The FDA’s regulations address three conditions:

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Frequently Asked Questions on Soap | FDA

FDA often receives questions from soap makers about how their products are regulated Here is information to help small-scale soap producers understand the laws and regulations they need to know

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